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Bayswater bagMulberry fake bag saleMulberry Roxanne bag is another cutie shoulder bag from the luxury leather handbag maker Mulberry. Although this is not their number one handbag, Roxanne can easily take second place with its charm, beautiful leather pockets, studded details, perfect hardware and double straps. It is the details of this handbag that make it a stand out. The brass buckles and multiple pockets and straps look great. The bag also has a small zip compartment to put keys or cell phone in it. There are very many colors of this bag to choose from - lavender shade, creamy beige, white, black, green, oak and black of course. The bag is quite large and it is possible to take almost everything a girl needs with her.

There are also replica Roxanne bags, so watch out and check twice before buying a cheap Mulberry Roxanne bag as it most likely will be a Roxanne replica that is a fake Roxanne bag or mirror image Mulberry bag.

Genuine Roxanne handbag can be purchased on the Mulberry website and some versions are also on sale. Mulberry bag sale is taking place twice per year and this is the chance to get some of these gorgeous genuine Mulberry bags at better price. Buy Roxanne bag online.

Phoebe bag has not received the acclaims like her bayswater bag and Roxanne bag sisters, however this is also a handbag to consider if you need a quality and trendy leather handbag.

If you want the designer quality and still not rob the bank, see the latest Mulberry for Target bags cooperation, where the Mulberry brand has produced a line of limited edition affordable handbags for the retail giant Target. The Mulberry Target collection is forecasted to hit the shelves in October 2010. And if you still want something from the new collections and are put off paying the sky-high prices, you can look for deals and Bags on sale as there are many opportunities to get an original designer purse for a better price.

Mulberry Roxanne Bag

Should You get the Real or go for the Replica?

If you are thinking of buying a Mulberry bag, Mulberry Replica Bags are your best recourse. If you want to have a Mulberry Bayswater or Alexa prepare to pay several hundred dollars for an original bag. The original retails for about $700 to $900. Designer Handbags are expensive but replicas are not. Fakes cost less than $200 and they look like the real thing, design-wise. Of course, you will have to forego the branding, stamping and other details. However, don’t buy a bag that costs $25. That replica is the lowest of its kind and is probably shoddily made. Choose high quality replicas that will last for more than one season. Buy from reputable sellers, there are many online. They sell replica bags that are similar to the original. Also, make sure the style you get is available in the designer’s line. This adds to the “authenticity” of your bag.